Tomorrow Came Tonight

Just got home from a screening of a movie I worked on in 2011. It’s “Tomorrow Comes Today,” a film by Ming Lang Chen which is just now being released in the US. In it a young Taiwanese illegal immigrant searches for his “mother” by showing a picture of Marlene Dietrich to his customers as he delivers Chinese takeout. A parallel story tracks a caucasian man of about the same age who is a similarly lost soul. It’s sweetly comic and very effective. I play a Marlene impersonator, lip-synching to Lily Marlene in German.

I was delighted with the lingering cinematography; Chen takes his time and savors every situation. In a fast paced world of jump cuts, this movie stands apart for it’s rapt attention.

I hope I can get a DVD of it soon. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for Tomorrow Comes Today at indy festivals.

Poster for Tomorrow Comes Today