At Court — Dressing up for a cause

As José Sarria, the founder of the Imperial Court, said when he was first asked to be the queen of a San Francisco ball over 50 years ago, “Queen? They’re all queens. Make me the Empress.” And so they did. The rest is history which you can read on the New York Court’s website. There are now 70 chapters in the Imperial Court System.

I served as Empress XIX of the Imperial Court of New York, an honor I am very proud of. I reigned with Emperor XIV Tony Monteleone in 2005-6. I now call The Imperial Sun Court of All Florida my realm. It’s a gratifying way to represent our corner of the diversity spectrum in support of the entire LGBTQA community by raising funds and awareness for direct services organizations.

I encourage you to join our organization if you are in any way motivated by dressing up to support a good cause.